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Anonymous said: whats the significance of liam saying "i'm not"? i missed it



liam usually messes with harry during his WMYB solo - touching him, poking the mic between his legs, rubbing his back, pretending to bite him, etc. Louis usually looks all bothered by it and it’s sort of their “thing” they do during harry’s solo - liam fucks with harry and louis reacts to it

this time, liam looks over at louis and you see liam say I’m not. most likely louis was telling him not to mess with harry because harry wasn’t feeling well and was struggling with singing

x - 19:03



the weirdest thing is that people talk about “coming out” as if it’s this big momentous thing that only happens once while in actual fact it’s something that you do almost every single day every time you talk to a new person every time you’re in a new situation you’re constantly weighing your options, the ability to be your true self vs the advantages of being a false self and honestly it’s so fucking exhausting

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as far as live performances go, the sound is always going to suck.

i don’t really agree? you just need a few really good sound people, a bit of time to soundcheck, and some hand signals sorted out. several times in a row, mics that were barely audible for several seconds at a time; those should have been fixed way faster. liam was holding the mic right up to his mouth during soml and you could still barely hear him; that’s not his fault at. all. the sound was an utter mess and it shouldn’t have been, not for an event this big.