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Anonymous said: Do you ever think you'll stop drawing fanart? No offense it just seems like the kind of thing you're supposed to grow out of. I'm just curious what your plans/goals are since it isn't exactly an art form that people take seriously.


Ah, fanart. Also known as the art that girls make.

Sad, immature girls no one takes seriously. Girls who are taught that it’s shameful to be excited or passionate about anything, that it’s pathetic to gush about what attracts them, that it’s wrong to be a geek, that they should feel embarrassed about having a crush, that they’re not allowed to gaze or stare or wish or desire. Girls who need to grow out of it.

That’s the art you mean, right?

Because in my experience, when grown men make it, nobody calls it fanart. They just call it art. And everyone takes it very seriously.

Anonymous said: Different anon, but when you transcribe the radiokingtv interview, can you also do the end part where NB talks about Palestine and him and Zayn tweeting not just as Musims but as humanitarians? Just that I've seen people try to discredit Zayn by saying management tweeted or that he was drunk/high when he did it. Thanks in advance!


Hello, I saw this after I posted. Here is a longer transcript about Palestine.

"I’m a bit tired of people saying "There’s the entertainment and everyone should stay quiet about politics’, I mean that’s not what music was made on back in the day, like when we had protest songs, we had music designed for the people and protests and if you can’t even tweet something now that’s on your mind when clearly that’s the whole point of Twitter, it’s to tell your followers, they’re following you so they know what’s on your mind, and if Palestine is on my mind and I don’t feel like it’s getting enough attention then I’m going to say it. It’s not about supporting one side and not supporting the other, it’s about presenting both sides of the argument and just actually saying, ‘This is what’s going on’, not just ‘This is what’s on the news’. So whether it’s myself or Zayn Malik, you know, us tweeting FreePalestine, it’s important not just for, as Muslims, but as humanitarians." 




no but harry literally prompted the name ‘tommo the tease’ can you believe this

according to niall they’re also responsible for ‘larry stylinson’ it’s not our faults

Now that is very intersting! Can you point me in any direction to find the source of that statement? To my knowledge were Harry and Louis the first followers of @Larry_Stylinson (later their families and then some big names followed), but that is all I know about the origin. Care to share? :)

Ancient Sugarscape interview where Niall says Harry and Louis call themselves Larry Stylinson


Louis and Harry talking about each other - 2010-2014 compilation

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Anonymous said: I will never ever understand why Happily wasn't a summer single. Seriously, that one was a no-brainer, it was basically the first thing I thought when I heard it. If I could ask their label anything it would probably what the fuck their thought process is behind their single choices. Is there a thought process? Because from where I'm sitting, it looks about as thoughtful as pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.







Everything about 1D’s team seems very take-the-money-and-run. I guess they feel no thought is required since they’re still paid ass paid using the patented fuck effort business model. However, if they really tried, they could be twice as paid ass paid. 

Actually, I wonder if they released a terrible single on purpose in order to clear space in the market for 5SOS, since they seem to be hoping they’ll get 1D’s audience.  We’ve speculated that part of the reason 1D isn’t getting any attention is because Modest is pouring it into 5SOS.  Maybe they thought a hit summer single from 1D would impede 5SOS’ ability to have one.

I think we can safely say it’s no longer a speculation but a pretty legit fact. 5SOS are going through the same moves as 1D did when they were trying to break into US market, they are branded as the next big thing, they are marketed as a slightly edgier, more genuine (we play out own instruments!!11) and cooler thing which allows making the transition smoother for the older teenage TA. After all, it’s not cool to like a boy-band when you’re 16, but a ~band~ is a different story. The marketing is not clever, it’s not subtle and that’s precisely why it works. Meanwhile, 1D are written off completely: there’s no way anybody’s gonna risk and draw attention from 5SOS by letting an established brand release a good single. Especially one that might make people go “huh, I guess they are not bubble-gum pop any more, maybe I should check them out”.
I know a lot of people are hoping for a rebranding or better promo for the next 1D record, but imo there will be none of that. By the time their contract with Syco is done, they will lose whatever good rep they’ve managed to acquire in the last 4 years and will quietly go on an indefinite hiatus and take up their own projects. Their individual music styles and preferences are already pretty different, and I can’t really see them try and establish themselves as a legit grown-up music band if their records are all over the place stylistically like MM, for example. That might work in Asia (see G-Dragon’s last album) but that’s not the tradition of Western pop-music, so idk.
And they are clearly not getting any professional help from the people in charge, and while they’ve matured as artists in their own right, they are just not experienced enough to handle the transition on their own.
I kinda went off topic, though, enough of that. Be prepared to hear 5SOS everywhere in the next couple of years, people. After all, Louis did say that 2015 is gonna be the year of 5SOS and I don’t think he meant that as a joke, tbh.

#i agree #but i still think they might wanna try and do what they want as a band #without restrictions imposed on them by their management #and I’m not really worried about them not being able to ride on the reputation they got rn #if they have the right team behind them and if they can get out of the extension of their deal #with mm in a near future #they can still attract a different audience with their fourth album #I’m on the mind they have more artistic freedom rn #and they can ride on that until the end off their next tour which is gonna last a few months #and i think its better that 1d fandom is shifting towards 5sos #they will have found their new obsession when certain things come ou t#and they wont be bothered as much and it might make thigs easier #and from business point #it is also good that they will have the audience they aim for #which lessen the artistic pressure they might feel x

I agree, they have more artistic freedom atm, and that’s good, they can write with different artists, they can acquire the necessary experience, but in the end this is industry and this is gonna be about marketing. Personally, I don’t think they’ll be able to get away from their current management before the end of 2015, so I’m writing the 4th album off, although that’s definitely a pity, it might be better than MM. I also agree that the shift from 1D to 5SOS among their current TA is good; basically, they need street cred and no matter how angry saying this makes me, they won’t be taken seriously while the first thing people think of when they hear “One Direction” is “crazy teenage girls”.
My main point still stands: I can’t quite imagine them being a musically cohesive single unit when we have Harry’s hipster tendencies, good old pop sound from Niall (McBusted), Liam’s club-ish efforts, who-the-fuck-even-knows-nowadays what Louis is leaning towards, that secretive cagey bastard (I’m saying it with love, so chill everybody), and Zain clearly and consistently moving in R&B direction (I want his solo R&B or desi pop record so fucking much, tbh). I would also imagine by the end of this farce of a contract they are gonna be happy to take a couple steps away from 1D brand. Especially, if we are gonna witness further character assassination for, like, half the band. But that’s just my speculation. We’ll see what the not-so-far future brings.

I should have been more careful with wording of my tags. I think their deal with Modest is such a complicated issue that even their management is not confident in the amount of time they got left with their client that they did not announce the new deal they resigned with 1D brand although it was such a newsworthy ‘achievement‘ on their part -an end of a deal with an act won’t be as damaging to their reputation as the news of getting dropped by their most profitable act because of malpractice or screwing their client off of a deal on the chance that their deal coming to an end before the date that it has been announced as a due date for their contract. (this is all personal opinion that i base on what i have been observing- i can’t link the they are telling porky pies interview of zouis talking about the new deal they supposedly signed with their management- at least thats how the interviewer was informed by harry maggee- because I’m on my phone; but even without that interview everything else points that 1D brand is not binded to M!M with the contract they signed on December 2010. And all the back and forth game -or big gay war as it is deemed by the fandom- that have taken a place since december is telling me each side waiting for other side to drop a bomb to get out of the extension without any legal setback. Lets be real mm is not making any more money then they will get from a lawsuit if they sue 1D brand for violating of a contract and 1D is not willing to pay their hard earnings to get out of a deal; so they are waiting for an incident that will get them out of a contract with the least damage. Clearly the extension must have an end date but even then i don’t think M!M will be with them post-otra tour) I also strayed from the topic but it was necessary to explain where I’m coming from. It is true that they are not getting any advise that they can benefit from their management team; but they are surrounded by friends from industry and i don’t think harrys la connections are just friends. And it is true that their friends can’t have any say in 1D brand although it does not mean they cant be mentors or their opinions are less valuable; but its clear from the album they released and the promotion they got for that album that their respective teams are not also on the same mind. Their management has been milking the current fanbase; while their recording label was all for them growing up and appealing to more mature audience. When they have two different teams with different goals; i think the boys would know how to take an advantage of that situation for their own benefit. While its true that i have never given much thought to the boys different styles and preferences in music; im just speculating on the chance that they might want to stay together and be pro-rebranding; my thoughts are just strictly limited to business side of things in accordance with that possibility. It is true that the public has a fickle memory and we consume artists pretty quickly; but if 1D has been preparing themselves for post-modest era *cough-azoffs-cough* and they are ready for different scenarios that can play out to keep 1D brand alive; they can turn possibly disadvantages into advantages. Their fourth album is gonna be released under their current management; and it‘s true that promoting an album is falling under the works of management; but im wondering how much of work their recording label can put in favor of promoting their forthcoming album (im remembering from the ask lapelosa got that rebranding of 1D brand was in the works with midnight memories; but i think their recording label was too trustworthy of the management with promo and they got screwed over as well). If it is the same amount as the management team; 1D brand can benefit from the buzz their new album/tour is gonna get (mm did not get much promo as well but the articles and reviews that were written about it helped the album to reach to different audiences; it is just that their management did not follow through) and stay relevant enough to introduce themselves post-rebranding after they are done with modest. And if it is not after their fourth album; they might do the same with their latest work they will do under modest. But heeey if you are right; and they might go solo i cant wait to hear their albums (i have dreams of larry and zarry duets; as well as zourry collobration; or ziam duets and zouis heh)

Anonymous said: sorry for the random question, ive been asking around in the fandom and no one really has an answer and as a fellow louis girl im hoping you might. do you know if louis ever uses his head voice/falsetto when singing? i dont think ive ever heard it. also where do you think he ranks among the others as far as vocal ranges go?


please please don’t apologizing for asking questions! I love answering :)

get comfy love. I could talk about Louis’ voice for a year

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dickpicjpg said: is someone stalking harry again


Yup and it was someone from an update account this time, which is even worse. I mean the “insiders” so many of them have are basically glorified stalker programs as it is but to not only encourage but actively partake in following him around is just grossly irresponsible and immoral. And it has nothing to do with their age. I get being young and overzealous but to actively follow a stranger around for periods at a time is jumping right over the line of acceptable behavior. And yes he is a stranger. Fans need to keep that in mind, that he is a stranger to them. Just because we happen to know his name and favorite color and which way he dresses does not make us any less strangers. He doesn’t know who we are after all. Even a fan he’s met dozens of times is still just a fan, maybe an acquaintance at best. Not to mention how awful it would be if the tables were turned. I think if more fans put themselves in his shoes perhaps they’d knock it off. Like if you had a group of people following you for hours at a time, tweeting about what you were wearing and doing you would be uncomfortable. It’s a complete violation of privacy and decency (it’s also illegal which a lot of people seem to forget) and I will never be okay with any fan ever doing this. Just leave him alone. He doesn’t owe you anything. He’s in his own time living his own actual life, not there for your entertainment. Just because he happens to make his living in the public sphere does not mean he’s not entitled to his own private time.

allerasphinx said: did you watch the comic con vid? i like natalie dormer and all, but she totally white-feministed that question the moderator asked the panel.




she totally did. like without even remotely a doubt.

i was listening to her speak and i’m just like…what a fucking luxury to be able to talk about things like weight and boobs——i swear nicole was going somewhere with her “ass-size” comment but she got cut off. the treatment and sexualization of black women’s bodies is VERY different.

natalie, as a white women, can sit down and talk about how “unhealthy” body image is in magazines—-blah blah blah but like what about RACE and REPRESENTATION? what about the women who ARENT seeing themselves in magazines? white actors ALWAYS ignore race and colorism when it comes to the body image issue in hollywood. 

like, i’m sorry u have to be skinny but at least u’re white…? does that sound cruel? i mean whiteness opens all sorts of doors that r forever shut to actors like nicole—-regardless of talent. 

i remember a hollywood roundtable where all these white actors were talking about why they didnt get roles (too fat, boobs not big enough) and i think it was regina king who made a statement that basically amounted to the reason why she didn’t get a role was because she was black. and everyone got quiet, lol. cause i mean oop u gotta lose weight? cant eat that cake? how about someone basically asking u to change the color of ur skin or the shape of ur eyes? how about that?

i dunno…natalie isn’t the first white actor to be ignorant at panels. i keep thinking about that guy from spartacus complaining about having to go tanning and wear bronzers and manu bennet just calling him out like the reason why he’s the lead is because of that. rinse and repeat with mindy kaling and the ignorant shit said to her when she talked about diversity at her roundtable. or how about EVERY hollywood roundtable where white actors get to sit around look wide-eyed and innocent while their colleagues of color talk about the lack of new projects they’re getting and the racism in the industry. those white actors and directors who listen to these statements with varying degrees of silence or open-mouthed silencing techniques.

one of these days i want somebody to stand up during one of these panels and read these white actors for filth. i aint got no problems with natalie dormer but this kind of speaking that normalizes white women and others non-white women needs to stop. at some point SOMEONE needs to acknowledge the european standards of beauty. i THOUGHT natalie was going in that direction with her whole “french films” business but it was more bullshit “oh we get to see different shapes of ppl” BUT WHITE PPL NATALIE, U GET TO SEE MORE WHITE PPL!

It really comes off as uber pretentious when people start speaking about “European films” as if they don’t have issues with representation as well.

I listened to her and she basically said nothing that hasn’t been said…like Natalie needs to understand there’s a reason why she’s on the Tudors, Elementary, Game of Thrones, in the Hunger Games as an actress who’s only claim to fame prior to that was playing the jump off for the coke addicted attorney in Silk. That she, as a white English woman, can get roles that a black American actress can’t even dream of.

So, yeah….when they talk about weight, boobs, and ass and lack thereof as a hindrance, I roll my eyes. All those superficial things can be changed if they choose. Kerry Washington made an excellent point when she did The Hollywood Reporter’s roundtable for TV actresses in the run up to the 2013 Emmys. All the women talking about having to lose weight, and she had to contend with being told she’s “too ethnic”, “the production was not ‘going black’, and she told them they could lose the weight, but she couldn’t change her skin color, nor does she want to. And then, nothing but blank stares and crickets.